My 2018 Winter Escape: Antigua

As I sit here writing today, during an ice storm, I can’t help but reminisce about my week in beautiful Antigua.

This trip started out like several others; with my friend messaging me to ask me what I was doing next week. Turned out that she was heading down to Antigua for a work trip and could actually bring a guest with her. After putting a rush on my passport renewal, which I somehow let expire, I was on my way to Antigua for a much-needed winter escape!

Antigua and Barbuda was one of the many Caribbean islands that had been hit during Hurricane Irma last Fall. I didn’t have the chance to see a much of the island while I was there, but from the little that I did see, the clean up had gone well, and it was business as usual, thank goodness.

Reasons why I was super excited for this trip:

1.       Quality time with my amazing friend and the best travel buddy ever

2.       Antigua

3.       First (and maybe only) time staying at a Sandals resort

4.       Sandals Canadian Winter Sizzle, #CanadaLiveFromSandals (I’ll get to that shortly)

5.       It was January

From my first sip of the welcome glass of bubbly, to the picture perfect sunset, I immediately fell in love with Sandals Grande Antigua. I knew the service was going to incredible right from the moment the guest services lady who was showing us to our room would not let me touch my suitcase. She said, and I quote, “If you touch your bags, I’ll send you home!” She was so sassy and I loved it! On the way to breakfast the following morning, every single person we walked by said “good morning”, and that wasn’t just the hotel workers, it was the guests too! Everyone was just so happy to be there! I mean, how could you not be? We were in paradise afterall! 

After an awesome breakfast, we headed over to the “Canadian Winter Sizzle” radio tents; the reason for this trip. Once a year, a group of Rogers owned Canadian radio stations from across the country have their morning shows broadcast live from a Sandals resort for a week. Some radio stations were giving away a trip to the resort for some lucky listeners back home, and some brought their winners with them! My wonderfully talented friend was acting as a sort of spokesperson for Air Canada Vacations, and had several radio interviews lined up each morning with the different radio stations. This was especially cool for me since I did go to school for Radio Broadcasting, and still have a love for it…just not quite enough to work in the industry though!

The rest of my days were spent laying poolside or parked on the beach outside of our room while my friend worked and I just enjoyed the sunshine and unlimited beverages. On her off time, you could find us at hanging out with the incredibly nice radio peeps around the pool bar and going for amazing dinners. There wasn’t a single night where I didn’t walk along the beach and take in the sunset. These are the moments that I could never take for granted, and I am just so thankful for these experiences and the ability to create lifelong memories.

The Sandals Grande Antigua is a couple’s resort, so I would highly recommend going with your significant other, but hey, if want to go with one your besties for a romantic girls trip, go for it!