Always Ready for the Next Adventure

9:01am – Friend: What are you up to today?

Me: Just heading into an appointment and then free as a bird.

Friend: Did you want to do something today?  

Me: Yes I do! What did you have in mind?

Friend: Want to go to Boston for the night? 

Me: Yes!!!

Friend: How quickly can you pack?

Me: Pretty damn fast!

I headed into my appointment and then rushed home. Packed and ordered an Uber to take me to the airport in 10 minutes flat!

Once in the Uber, I called my mom to let her know where I was off to.

Mom: Where are you?

Me: In an Uber on my way to the airport.

Mom: Where are you going now? I mean I know who you’re going with, but where are you going? (She laughs)

Me: Boston!

Mom: Of course you are.

By noon, we were on the plane and headed to Boston for the weekend! The only thing I forgot to pack was my toothbrush. Not bad right?

I suppose I should mention that the reason I was able to take this spontaneous trip, is because this friend happens to work in the travel industry and if we can just fly standby if the space allows.

This was our second time in Boston together, and it was a blast! I am completely in love with Boston. The architecture. The history. The people. The food.

The highlight of this trip? On Saturday night, we walked around downtown trying to find a good place for some drinks. After a couple of duds, we ended up at this little hole in the wall pub called the Hub Pub. The drinks were cheap, the music was good and the doorman was the best thing about the place! He had this awesome handlebar mustache, got to know the customers by name (cue the Cheers theme song), and sang all the hits, karaoke style. My cheeks hurt so much from smiling and laughing.

But the absolute best part of the night was when said doorman, who has never been out of the state, sang ‘Oh Canada’ to us, perfectly, as we walked down the street and back to our hotel.

That’s definitely one for the books!