Year in Review

So Long 2018

I’ve been procrastinating in writing this post for several reasons. A procrastination that I’m sure many bloggers go through. It goes a little something like this: starts writing, stops, checks Facebook, checks Instagram, writes a few more sentences, stops, sweeps the floor and cleans the bathroom, continues writing, stops, solo dance party, stares at screen blankly for five minutes, wonders what Hallmark Christmas movie is on TV, proceeds to watch Hallmark Christmas movie for third time. You get the idea. At the end of the day, the only person who cares about this post is me, but I promised myself I would hold myself accountable, so here I am. I don’t pay a monthly fee to keep my website running for nothing!

One of the reasons I was struggling was because I was afraid that what I would write would come out way too negative, and I don’t want that. See, it hasn’t been the best of years, and I am currently not in the best headspace. With that being said; there was of course some positive things to come out of 2018, and I certainly can’t disregard that.

The biggest change in my life occurred when I decided to dive into entrepreneurship. That change surprised me probably more than anyone. I watched my parents run their own businesses for most of my life, and I didn’t think I was cut out for it, but after some soul searching, I realized that it was the right move for me at this point in my life. I read a quote recently by a female entrepreneur named, Teresa Fox, that really sums up my reason for branching out on my own; “We became entrepreneurs because we didn’t fit in other people’s world. So we created our own.” I’ve always felt like I never quite belonged, and now I know why. I needed to walk that path until it led to me where I needed to go.  

As I’m sure anyone who’s become an entrepreneur can attest to, it’s a freaking rollercoaster ride, and takes a lot of sacrifice. It’s a tough process with more challenging times than easy times. You wake up some days and question why the hell you’re doing this, you want to throw in the towel and you just don’t know if its ever going to really work. The key is to push through those thoughts and keep going, and never losing sight of your goal. We’re all allowed those moments, they happen, but, at the end of the day, no matter how challenging things get, and even on my worst day, I do in fact know, that I made the right decision, and I am excited to see how much more I accomplish in the coming year.

I’ve spent a lot of time thinking about the relationships in my life this past year – personal and romantic. Something about me that I know will never change, is how I treat the people around me. I care a lot. Probably too much. I’m empathetic. I give even when I have nothing to give. I am always, always there for the people I care about. I often go above and beyond, even when it’s not necessarily reciprocated, it’s just who I am. Am I perfect? Far from it! Do I make mistakes? Of course! But I am a good person with a heart of gold because my parents raised me right, and I am happy with who I am at heart. The right people will always recognize that and see you for who you truly are, and they won’t take advantage of your kindness. Sometimes though, the tough lesson is accepting that there are some people who will just not see how wonderful you’ve been to them, but the truth is, it has nothing to do with you and everything to do with them.

Those people – my family and friends, who have been there for me through the rollercoaster of entrepreneurship, my anxiety, depression and heartbreak; they are the true heroes of 2018 for me, and I am eternally grateful. They were always there to talk, or just to listen and not to mention the endless text messages. They helped me through anxiety attacks, they got me out of the house and out of my head and out into the world and having fun. Friendships blossomed and flourished. What you see on social media is a highlight reel, and certainly doesn’t show you what I have written about here, which hardly scratches the surface, but it does show you the people I love, those who love me, the fun and adventures we’ve had together and the places that I’ve traveled. It tells you a story, but not the whole story. I always say this, but I’m going to say it again. You never really know what somebody is going through based on what you see on social media. It may look like butterflies and rainbows, but chances are, it’s not. A photo does not tell you a complete story. Be mindful of that.

With all of that being said, here are a few short highlights:

Travel, travel, travel! Antigua, Boston, Las Vegas & California!  

California was a bucket list item for sure, and it was a dream come true. When I was in an Uber on my way to Hollywood, I was texting people saying “I’m on my way to Hollywood! Finally!” It was so surreal. It took me long enough to get there, that’s for damn sure. It was an important trip for my personal life as well. I got what I needed from it, perhaps not what I wanted at the time, but I was then able to keep moving forward in my life, and it most certainly worked out for the best.

My health and wellness are always a top priority in my life, and I may have ended up having to temporarily sacrifice my favourite Barreworks classes towards the end of the year, but not before I crushed their annual ‘Fit for Summer Challenge,’ and reached my goal of 300 classes by the end of the summer. I just love that place so darn much! A positive, friendly and welcoming environment with instructors who push you and inspire you to be your best self. Everyone needs a place like that in their life.

I had the busiest and best summer I’ve had in years! Cottages, weekend trips to wine country, a bachelorette party and a lovely family wedding, concerts, Vegas with the girls, and perfect sunny days on Toronto Island, just to name a few.

Launching a business with my mom!

It definitely goes without saying at this point, that my friends are a highlight of 2018! So many good memories made this year, and I know there’s so many more to come. I have never been happier with the amazing group of friends I have in my life. What can I say? I get by with a little help from my friends!

And, last but not least, being in the right place at the right time…

Let’s see what 2019 has in store.