One Day

One day someone will come along and appreciate you for all that you are

They will appreciate everything you do for them

They will make you a priority

They will follow through

They will be excited about you

They will always care about your well being

They will make sure you always feel special and you will make sure that they always feel special

They will let you know that they’re thinking about you at random times throughout the day

They will take comfort in knowing that they can always count on you

They will take simple pleasure in life’s mundane tasks just because they’re with you

They will laugh at your corny jokes, you’ll laugh at theirs and you’ll laugh together, forever

They will know you’re their person and to stop looking for the ‘next best thing’ because hunny, you’re it

They will think about you first thing in the morning and before they go to sleep

They will be your biggest cheerleader, and you, theirs

They will love all of your little quirks

They will not be able to wait to take on the adventure that we call life together

They will cherish the countless precious memories that you will create together

They will never want to stop having fun with you

They will love you even when they can’t stand you

They will love you unconditionally and never, ever, let you go

One day